Are the Basketball Odds Against You?

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When we are kids, we continually told we can be anything we want to be.  There is a good stretch of time all the way up until we turn 12 or 13 that we are encouraged by everyone to shoot for the starts.  Then at some point around 5th or 6th grade the odds suddenly turn against us.  Everyone tells you that you are too small to play basketball, or you don’t jump high enough…they tell you how impossible it is to get a college scholarship or play professional basketball.  In fact, we get told this so often, that we start to believe it.  You start to feel like you don’t have a shot.  You think, why bother practicing of the odds are against me?

Sure, the odds are tough for any average person out there who wants to be all-conference, all-state, earn a scholarship, or play pro ball.  What about the player who is carefully plotting their steps towards becoming a great player?  What about the one that is INTELLIGENTLY working out 10-15 hours per week?  What about the player that has learned the secrets of deliberate practice?  What about the player who knows how to correctly warm-up, who knows the best post-workout cool-down, who knows the right recovery methods, and knows about proper nutrition?  The odds get a whole lot better for someone with this extremely important knowledge.

The odds aren’t against you.  It is never too late.  The opportunity is right there for you.  It’s time to get to work.  The whole reason The World of Hoops was created was to help provide you the guidance to stack the deck in your favor.  You provide the hard work and discipline, and we’ll provide the guidance.

It’s time to stop letting other people’s opinions and thoughts determine whether or not you succeed.  It’s time to take things into your own hands.

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