Sample 3-day World of Hoops Skill Workouts

With a World of Hoops Basketball Training Program you get dynamic and varied workouts every day. The skill development workouts are designed to push players to take their game to another level. Check out the workouts below for a taste of what a few days of a typical skill development program might look like (*our strength workouts our designed to compliment our skill workouts) Example – Week 1, Day 1 “I found this sandbank by the Pearl River near my hometown, Columbia, Mississippi. I laid out a course of 65 yards or so. Sixty-five yards on sand is like 120 on turf. But running on sand helps you make your cuts at full speed. I try to pick the heat of the day to run in, but sometimes that sand will get so hot you can’t stand in one place. It’ll blister your feet. You get to the point where you have to keep pushing yourself. You stop, throw up and push yourself again. There’s no one around to feel sorry for you.” – Walter Payton A1: Shooting 7x off-the dribble 15 footers (mix R & L) from each of 7 spots 7x catch and shoot 15 footers from each of 7 spots 7x catch and shoot college 3’s from each of 7 spots B1. 25x foul shots C1. Cone Series – 2 ball 6 cones should be set-up 6 feet from each other in a straight line and you should weave through the cones on each drill (1x = down & back) 2x dribble low (bounce at same time) 2x dribble low (alternating bounce) 2x crossover 2x behind the back (should alternate R to L, and L to R) 2x through the legs 2x spin moves 2x backwards (should back through the cones, weaving through cones while dribbling) 2x forward as fast as possible Note 1: if you lose your dribble you must retrieve ball, and return to the cone at which you lost the dribble. Note 2: 2x means down and back, then down and back again D1. 25x foul shots Record made/miss from each shooting section in part a Record time to complete in part b Week 1, Day 2 A1. “20s” 20x (makes) Mikans 20x (makes) hook shots or baby hooks 5-10ft (mix right and left) 20x off the board (10R, 10L) 20x wall passes (fake high, pass low) (10R, 10L) 20x non-dribble figure 8 + pass off the wall (10 in each direction of figure 8) 20x (makes) 15ft jump shots, mix R/L & off-dribble/off catch 20x (makes) foul shots Rest 3:00 3 rounds B1. One-ball move series 2x through the legs (right to left) 2x through the legs (left to right) 2x Inside out dribble move (left hand) 2x inside out dribble move (right hand) 2x crossover (left to right) 2x crossover (right to left) 2x behind the back (left to right) 2x behind the back (right to left) 2x Two back dribbles then crossover (R to L) 2x Two back dribbles then crossover (L to R) 2x Spin Move (over right shoulder) 2x spin move (over left shoulder) Record notes/comments Week 1, Day 3 A1. Form shooting 10x makes from 7x spots (4-8 feet) (70 total makes) B1. Two-ball Dribble Series (40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest) around left leg (half in one direction, half in the other) around right leg (half in one direction, half in the other) figure 8 in one direction figure 8 in other direction side V dribble around body circle in front of you windmill turbine Rest 3 minutes 3 rounds C1. Jab step series This is a series to improve footwork and scoring. Each item is performed at approximately 18’ from the basket, from two different spots (just behind the elbow, “elbow extended” on R side and L side of hoop). Begin each by spinning ball out and catch with a jump stop facing away from the hoop, then reverse pivot on left foot (if right handed, right foot if left handed) to face the basket. 2x right handed lay-up from right side 2x left handed lay-up from left side 4x jab step, then jump shop (2x from each side) 4x jab step, pump fake, drive and finish with a floater or dunk (2x from each side) 4x jab step, pump fake, spin move, drive and finish with floater or dunk (2x from each side) 4x jab step, pump fake, dribble, Kobe 1 move (2x from each side) D1. 5x Defensive lane slide, rest 15 seconds between each Defensive lane slide: stand on right elbow facing right sideline, slide toward baseline. At the intersection of the lane line and baseline, pivot, and slide across the baseline to the other side of lane. At intersection of the other lane line and baseline, pivot, and slide up the lane line to the left elbow. At the left elbow pivot and slide to right elbow. The whole drill should be done facing away from the paint. E1. Make 50x three point shots Record made/missed in parts C & E, Record notes/comments for workout

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