What to do when you lose your dribble

stuck with no dribble

Stay calm once the dribble is picked up: I see a lot of younger, less experienced basketball players’ panic once they have picked up their dribble and the defender crowds them. If you want to play at a high level this is something you have to become comfortable with. If you have picked up your dribble and you get crowded, it is important to stay low, get a nice wide and balanced base, keep the ball protected at your waist and away from the defender, and to work your pivot foot around the defense and work to step past or around a defender to make an easy pass. Sometimes you even get lucky when you pick up your dribble and another defender leaves their man allowing you to drop a quick pass to a teammate for an easy bucket. The moral of the story here is…stay calm and composed, protect the ball, and use crisp footwork.

photo credit: Basketball Schedule

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