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Intelligent and intense basketball skill and strength training

4 Reasons You Need Our Training

We believe with an intelligent approach, a strong work-ethic, and some discipline anyone can develop into an elite basketball player. Check out our services and products to find the best fit for you. It’s time to make the move, get started NOW!

Cutting Edge

reason1We utilize a cutting-edge approach. Our workouts are intense, varied, and progressive to speed development.

Game Focus

reason2Our drills are built to make better game-day players. We emphasize game-like situations and constant new challenges.

Goal Oriented

reason3 We help you set goals and give you the tools to achieve them, whether it’s starting on your HS team or earning a scholarship.

Comprehensive & Intelligent

reason4Our training combines core fundamentals, skill development, strength training (if appropriate), and injury prevention.


How to become a leader
Basketball Leadership
Basketball Leadership
how to make layups

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The World of Hoops provides the some of the best basketball training information and tutorials you can find. The best part is, our blog and YouTube channel are completely free. Be sure to enter your e-mail address below to subscribe to our newsletter and for access to special deals and exclusive information!


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