The WOH Elite Skill Development Guide

This is a 12-week off-season program that focuses on skill development (shooting, ball-handling, passing, defense, and conditioning).  The workouts in this program are dynamic and varied.  Each day brings a new workout structure and a new challenge.  On any given day you could see any combination of ball-handling, passing, shooting, defense, conditioning, driving, footwork, and finishing drills. The guide gives you a detailed workout for each day.  There is also a full section describing how to do each drill.  You will see HUGE gains in your skills if you follow this guide and work out with intensity.  No more searching around the internet for training guides.  This is the what you need to take your game to the next level.

*As special bonus you will also receive our WOH Elite Basketball Player guide

Designed for:

  • All high school basketball players
  • Collegiate guards/forwards

After 12 weeks you will see:

  • Improved shooting accuracy
  • Better shooting mechanics
  • Improved shooting range
  • Better strength with the basketball
  • More controlled ball handling, more control moving at high speeds
  • More agility and footwork
  • Better finishing around the basket
  • Quicker moves off the dribble and a quicker and more efficient first step
  • Improved passing accuracy
  • Better balance, flexibility, and conditioning

Example Workout

Complete WOH Warm-up

A1. Two-ball Dribble Series (40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest)

  • around left leg (half in one direction, half in the other)
  • around right leg (half in one direction, half in the other)
  • figure 8 in one direction
  • figure 8 in other direction
  • side V dribble
  • around body
  • circle in front of you
  • windmill
  • turbine

1 round


B1. Advanced finishing

  • 4x pro-hop + power (4 from each wing)
  • 4x dream shake + baby hook (4 from each wing)
  • 4x spin move + finish (4 from each side, 2 spins in each direction)
  • 4x floater
  • 4x any advanced finishing move

90 second break, 2 rounds


C1, “spot shooting”

  • 16x (makes) elbow to elbow 15ft jump shots
  • 16x (makes) wing to corner 15ft jump shots

2 minute break, 3 rounds


D1. 50 point drill

This is a timed drill – the time should be from the first 3 pointer, to the final lay-up. The timer does not run during the foul shots.

Starting at the three point line on the right baseline, shoot a 3 point shot. Immediately run after the ball and return to the three point line on the right baseline. Next you will make a move and shoot a 10-15 ft jump shot off of one or two dribbles. Again run after the ball and return to the three point line on the baseline. This time you will make a move then drive to the baseline for a lay-up. Retrieve the ball and return to the next spot. You will repeat this sequence at each of the 7-spots. At the end of the drill you will shoot 8 foul shots. Concentrate on performing this drill at game speed.

The scoring for this drill is as follows: 3 points for a made three pointer, 2 points for a made jump-shot, and 1 point for a made lay-up or foul shot. There are a possible 50 points in one round. For every five seconds under 2:30 if doing the drill on your own, or under 2:00 if you have a rebounder…add 2 bonus points to your score. (So if you did the workout in 2:10 on your own, you can had 8 points to your score)

You will complete 3 rounds for a possible point total of 150 (before bonus points), rest 3 min between each round.

Record whether you used a rebounder or completed by yourself, track scoring, and time in addition to calculating score as described above.


E1. Make as many college 3 pointers as possible in 90 seconds.

  • Must get your own rebound, then dribble back out to the three point line after each shot, shoot from various locations

Rest 90 seconds, repeat 3 times

Complete WOH cool-down stretching routine

Record made/missed for part c, record scores and details of part d, record scores in part E