Basketball Training Testimonial - Cam“I was an assistant coach for Joe and got a chance to see his coaching and teaching style on a daily basis. Overall, I was extremely impressed with how Joe handled these teenage boys and the results the team achieved. The team went undefeated in league play and, importantly, every player contributed. Joe has a great passion for the game, significant knowledge, and a very strong ability to communicate to the kids. He stresses the fundamentals – but explains why to the boys and makes it fun. Beyond what I saw Joe with the broader team – I saw him greatly help my son. My son ended up playing a bit out of position this year to handle point guard duties. Joe would pull him aside frequently during games and practices to teach some of the finer points of playing that position – not just skills, but leadership as well. My son greatly benefited from the experience. Overall, the area that impressed me the most from Joe was his ability to be effective coaching boys of different skill levels – which we had on the Villa squad this year. He could focus on more fundamental elements for some boys that were less advanced – and then switch gears to teach more advanced elements of the game to players that were already more skilled. He was very effective in both situations. I highly recommend Joe as a trainer/coach.”

About Joe Lucas

Joe Lucas is the founder of The World of Hoops. DSC_8916 He has 25 years of experience playing basketball, training basketball players, and coaching basketball. The World of Hoops provides intelligent and intense basketball training to take basketball players to the next level.