Online Basketball Training

Our goal is to help every one of our clients to achieve their basketball goals! Often that goal is a scholarship, some have even bigger goals than that, and some just want to make the team or become a starter on their team. Our strength is customizing workouts to the skill level of our athletes rather than just giving them a “one size fits all” workout. Progress comes much faster when drills/workouts are at just the right level of difficulty to keep things challenging. If the work is too hard, progress will be slow…if work is too easy, progress is slow.

We are also one of the only basketball training academies that take a comprehensive approach.  We focus on basketball skill training, strength and conditioning SPECIFIC to basketball players, correct recovery practices, nutrition, injury-prevention, mobility, attitude, and basketball IQ.

Here are the options:

Custom skill programming

We send “testing” for the athlete. This includes a number of tests to complete over 2-3 days. We ask our clients to video record some of these and upload to youtube if possible.  It is not mandatory, but it is very helpful in our assessment process.

We use this testing to customize a workout plan for 1 month. You complete the workouts; keep a workout log, and if possible occasionally video tape parts of a few workouts to upload.  We then review that log (and videos if applicable) and use this to customize the next month of workouts. This cycle continues each month

Cost $69.95/month, minimum 3 months (plus a one-time 39.95 initial charge)

* Add strength training w/vertical jump $49.95/month


Custom skill programming w/ extras

This works the same as the skill programming, but it has a few extras.

– Free E-mail access to The World of Hoops trainers (up to 8 e-mails per month)

– Free WOH nutrition guide

– Free WOH recovery guide

Cost $79.95/month, minimum 3 months (one-time 49.95 initial charge)

* Add strength training w/vertical jump for $49.95/month


Elite Online Training – most in-depth

This is our most comprehensive program.  You must have a video camera to do this option.  It includes everything in the custom skill programming, but it also includes:

– An in-depth shooting analysis.  Shooting is the most vital skill for basketball players.  We will break down the mechanics of the athlete’s shot and provide in-depth commentary and analysis as to what is right/wrong with the shot.  It will also provide specific tips and coaching cues to help fix whatever is wrong.  This is done in month 1, then “refreshed” each month

– There is a 30-minute phone call or Skype session for each month to discuss goals, progress, questions, and anything else basketball related you would like to discuss.  This also helps with customization and basketball IQ!

– Unlimited access to WOH trainers through e-mail

– Free WOH nutrition guide

– Free WOH recovery guide

Cost $129.95/month, minimum 3 months (one-time 49.95 initial charge)

*Add strength training w/vertical jump as well for $49.95/month


Call or e-mail with questions: 814.460.2101 or