Rebounding Drills

Box out drills

This drill requires 2 players and 1 coach (or just an extra player to shoot). One player starts in the middle of the paint, the other stands just behind him. The coach can choose anywhere on the court to shoot from. At this point, the players must compete for the rebound.

Ultimate box out

Place a ball in middle of half court circle. One player must keep the other player away from the ball by boxing out. The player boxing out may not leave the circle.`

Tip drill

Start by standing close to the hoop shoot the ball so it bounces off the backboard or rim. Quickly jump up and tip the ball in the hoop.

Rebound + finish

two defenders stand between one offensive player and the basket. The offensive player tosses the ball off the backboard then jumps up to rebound it. The defenders allow him to do this, but then double team him in an attempt to stop him from scoring. On the flip side, once the offensive player rebounds the ball, he must try to score on the two defenders.

Playing card catch/footwork

A coach or another player should stand on a step stool, bleachers, or a bench so they are elevated above the player that will perform the drill. The coach should then toss a playing card so the player has to catch it. The irregular flight of a playing card makes it difficult to catch so this teaches the player to quickly adjust their footwork and react quickly.

Tennis ball off the board

Toss a tennis ball off of the backboard. Jump off of two feet to catch the tennis ball at your highest point. As soon as you catch it, while in the air toss it back off the backboard. Land with balance, and immediately re-jump up to catch the ball again and toss off of the backboard. You should never have the ball in your hands while in the air other than at the start of the drill Variation: Left hand, right hand, alternating hands.