Advanced Rebounding

Here are a few skills to enhance your defense rebounding:

Go opposite the shot: Where the ball goes after a missed shot is not completely random. In fact, 6 or 7 out of every 10 missed shots go to the opposite side of the basket. So, whenever a shot is taken, you should box your man out with that in mind. Plan to be grabbing the ball on the opposite side of the hoop.

Find the flight: If you can manage to get a body on your man, and still take a quick look at the flight of the shot, you can often tell if the shot will be short, long, left, or right…adjust your box out and your pursuit of the ball based on where you predict the missed shot to go.

Box under: Sometimes you are in a rebounding situation where you are on offense, or you got stuck on defensive in an unfavorable spot where the offensive player is between you and the basket with a rebounding advantage. A very valuable skill in this situation is to box-under. This is where you actually try to box out your man (pushing him or her) further and further under the basket, so the ball will hopefully bounce over his head, where you have the advantage to get the rebound.

Time the jump: This may seem like common sense, but many players mistime their jump when trying to snag a board. Maintain your box as long as possible, and try to be sure of the flight of the ball before finally jumping to grab the rebound.

Always with 2: Another very simple rule. Always go for a defensive rebound with 2 hands. Do not try to grab one handed rebounds, or tip it around before securing it. Go up strong with 2 hands, and grab the ball fiercely. (When going for an offensive rebound, tipping the ball out to the guards who are most likely retreating to defensive is an effective strategy…but this is less effective for an offensive player.