Rebounding is dirty work.

The ability to rebound is not something you are born with, it is something you learn to do. If you learn to do it really well, you can make a living off or rebounding (and you can make a fortune off of rebounding & defense, just ask Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace…it also turns out you can make a fortune off of rebounding and throwing outlet passes, just ask Kevin Love). Rebounding wins games, and coaches know it. Getting an offensive rebound is arguably the most valuable thing any player can do for their team. Our general thought on any player who is not a good rebounder at their position is that they are not very tough, and they are in many cases, selfish and/or lazy. If you want to be great, learn to rebound. Since 1955, only 2 players in 55 years that have won the MVP, averaged under 6 rebounds per game in their MVP season, and they were point guards…Allen Iverson, Steve Nash.

Learn to rebound, and learn to do it right.

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