Post Moves

Drop Step

A drop step is a quick move that requires good footwork. The drop step is basically a reverse pivot on offense. Upon catching the ball in the post, feel which way the defender is guarding you. Whichever direction the defender is allowing you, quickly move the leg on the side slightly behind the defender, as you get the foot past them, take one dribble and bring the other foot around so that you get inside of defender with your shoulders squared to the basket. This move should be executed quickly, and you should be able to do in all directions.



This goal of this move is to get your body into a position to use the rim and your body as protection from the defender. Starting on the block, quickly take one step and one dribble towards the middle of the lane, as you finish the step and dribble, leap toward the opposite block off of the one foot you stepped with to start the move. Land close to the block on the other side of the lane with two feet in a balanced position and powerfully finish. This is very similar to a pro-hop move used off the dribble.


Fade Away

The fade away jumper can be used from anywhere on the court, but can be particularly effective in the post as it is a very difficult shot to block. If you become efficient at shooting a fade away jumper you will be VERY tough to guard, and it will also make your other moves easier to complete as the defense will have to expect the fade away. Upon catching the ball be sure you catch with two feet planted. Take one long leading step away from the defender and basket, in the direction that you will be fading to, as that foot plants, take a long step with the other foot so that you are squaring your body to the basket. When both feet are planted, jump up in the air and way from the hoop releasing your shot at the top of your jump.


Up and Under

This move is designed to get the post defender up in the air off his feet, then to draw a foul or go past them to finish. Assume for this example that the move starts on the left block. Take one dribble and hop-type step (see video) toward the middle of the lane landing on the left foot just a split second sooner than you land on the right. As you land bring the ball up in the motion of shooting a hook shot or a jump shot, and fake the shot. This should draw the defender in the air. Once they are in the air, keeping your left foot as your pivot foot, step through with the right foot and finish.


Quick Spin

The quick spin move is a very quick post move used if a defender is pressuring you too much to either side. This move is simple. As soon as you catch the ball, conduct a very quick spin move to the side the defender is allowing you to. Dribble once and finish with power.


Fake spin + Hook

For this example, let’s assume the ball is caught on the left block. Without having used the dribble, and with your back to the basket, shift your shoulders and hips so it is as if you are starting a spin move to the baseline, immediately after doing this take one dribble towards the middle of the lane and shoot a hook shot. The fake spin should give you enough time and space to get a hook shot off over your defender while avoiding a block.