Non-dribble moves

Jab Step

A jab step is a simple non-dribble move used to create space or put a defender off-balance. For a right-handed player (assuming the left foot is planted as your pivot foot) here is how the jab step works. Starting in the triple threat position take a long step with your right foot to either side of your defender, be sure to stay low and balanced. As the long step is taken, the left foot should stay planted and the player should keep their body between the defender and the ball. The jab step can be used just before a pass so you have room, to create space to shoot, or to get a defender off-balance in order to go by them (jab step and go).

Pump (or Shot) Fake

The best description of a pump fake I’ve ever heard was, “It is a shot that you end up not taking”. This is important because this implies that you were going to shoot it, and then you realized a fake would be better. Selling the pump fake is vital. A pump fake is executed by initiating the beginning of the shot, this causes your defender to lunge or lean forward which creates several opportunities: If they jump you can lean into them for a foul, if they lunge forward a dribble can be used to go by them., it creates a great “give and go” opportunity, and many others.

Crossover Step

A crossover step is similar to a jab step but it is used when you step across your body to the inside of your defender (as with most moves, this originates from the triple threat position). For example if you are on the right side of the floor with your left foot as your pivot foot, you would step to the inside of the defender (as well as past the defender) with your right foot. The crossover step is best used in conjunction with another move such as a jab step to tone side then a crossover step to the other, or a shot fake to get the defender up in the air followed by a crossover step past the defender.

Short step – Long step

The “short step – long step” is similar to using a combination of two different sized jab steps. Starting in the triple threat position (assume a right handed player on the right wing with their left foot as the pivot foot). Begin with a very slow and short jab step with your right foot, this is used to lull the defender. As the right foot lands on the first jab step, quickly lunge forward with the right foot, exploding past the defender. This should be a long step past the defenders feet. This is a great, simple, low-risk move to use to get past a defender.