Advanced Moves

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Double and Combo moves

Doubling a move or combining moves can be very difficult to master, but can be effective once you do. These are often times high risk, high reward moves. These are often time effective when you make the first move at an easy pace and almost allow the defender to guard it, then you make the same move in the opposite direction when the defender is leaning the other way. Some common moves would be a double crossover, double between the legs, or double behind the back. Some common combo moves are a crossover then spin move or a crossover then an inside out dribble.

Some of our favorite double/combo moves are:

Killer cross

The killer crossover is done by combining one between the legs dribble with one crossover. Start the move while moving forward toward a defender. Do a between the legs dribble (left to right for this example). This should be a hard between the legs dribble really trying to sell the defender that you are going right, as you do this between the legs dribble your right foot will plant. If this is done correctly, you will see the defender lean/lunge to the right expecting you to go right…as soon as you see this, staying planted on the right foot, do a right to left crossover pushing off that right foot to explode left. This should leave you with an opening to shoot or to continue attacking the basket. (This can also be done with a right to left through the legs + a left to right crossover)

Double inside out

This is an interesting move that basically combines two inside out dribbles. The first inside out dribble (right handed inside out for this example) is to bait the defense and get them leaning. Execute a normal inside out dribble and try to sell the defender on you going right. As soon as the ball comes up (and you see the defender leaning right) after the inside-out dribble, reach across with your left hand and pull it back to the left. (This can also be done with a left handed inside out dribble, followed by the right hand reaching across to pull the ball back).


Offensive box-out

This move applies the principles of a box out to the offensive side of the ball. Chris Paul frequently uses this move. When the ball handler gets a little bit past the defender they put their rear into the defender and force them to stay behind them (very similar to boxing out as if going for a rebound). One of two things will happen…the offensive player will have enough time to get a shot off (most likely a floater) or the post defender will be forced to help, at which point the offensive post player should be open for an easy bucket.


Fake Move

A fake move is used to create the illusion of using a dribble move (let’s use the crossover as an example) to put the defender on their heels enabling an offensive player to get a shot off. While dribbling, the offensive player should get low like they are about ready to execute a right to left crossover. This should not be disguised…the action by the offensive player should be as if they were about to let someone steal their crossover. As the ball handler starts to wind up the crossover to go from right to left, the defender should begin to reach for the ball or shift their weight in the direction of where they anticipate the crossover to go. At this time…the offensive player should quickly jump straight up (balanced and under control) and shoot a jump shot. This move does not create as much space as some other moves…but will cause the defender to be off balanced to the extent they are unable to contest the shot effectively.


Kobe Bryant Pivot Scoring

While driving toward the basket plant and square up as you are about to shoot the basketball. Pump fake to draw the defender at you. As the defender closes, perform a reverse pivot so you spin away from the basket. Pivot around 360 degrees so you are again facing the basket, and then shoot a forward leaner.

Alternative1: If when you spin the move is not open, you can spin back and shoot a fadeaway

Alternative2: If the first 2 alternatives are not open…after you pivot back to shoot the fadeaway, you could simply pump fake and then spin back around into the leaner position and once again have another opportunity to shoot a forward leaner.


Iverson step-back through the legs

This is often used to a get a shot off when a defender is playing you tight. This move is basically a reverse through the legs dribble combined with a step back. Rather than going through the legs from the front, you will go through the back. For this example, imagine a player on the left wing driving hard toward the middle of the lane dribbling the ball in his right hand. At the elbow, the offensive player would plant their right foot hard, while simultaneously dribbling the ball between his legs from right to left (so the right foot is forward, left is back, and the ball is dribbled right to left through the legs). This should be a very quick, sudden stop. The suddenness of the move should cause the defender’s momentum to keep him moving toward the basket, leaving the offensive player enough room to shoot.