Footwork is an essential building block for becoming a great basketball player. However, it is also what enables some players to go from good, to great. Players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have almost unreal footwork and body control. It is not luck or genetics or raw talent that finds Kobe and MJ in what always seems like “the right place at the right time”. This is accomplished by a dedication to learning and refining footwork and timing. Having great footwork is vital on offense and defense, it sets up passes, it helps you get off jumpers, and it keeps your man in front of you. It is also one of the reasons for the growth of the European basketball player in the NBA…they grow up learning and practicing correct footwork. It is also important to realize that often times, it is not a crossover dribble or some fancy dribbling move that gets you past a defender…instead it is a simple jab-step, shot fake, or crossover step. EVERYONE can benefit from refining their footwork.  Use the links below or the links in the right sidebar to check out the footwork drills and guides.

Basic Footwork

Defensive Footwork

Non-dribble moves – Footwork

Getting Open – Footwork

Miscellaneous Footwork

Basic Footwork

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