Ball handling coordination

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Off the board

Stand in front of the hoop with a ball in your right hand.  Toss the ball at the backboard (to the right of the rim, so the rim doesn’t get in the way) in a similar fashion to shooting with one hand.  As the ball approaches the backboard jump in the air so that you catch the ball at the top of your jump as it bounces off the backboard.  While in the air catch the ball with your right hand only and again shoot the ball at the backboard before landing.  You will then hit the ground and jump again so you can catch the ball again at the top of your jump.  This job will drastically improve coordination, timing, as well as great improvements in conditioning.  Focus on finding a good rythym and completely controlling the basketball.

Variation: Repeat the drill with your left hand only. Repeat the drill using the side of the backboard (so you are doing from the baseline), this demands more coordination, and forces you to be much more accurate and precise.



Clock dribble on wall

Stand in front of a wall which is hard enough to bounce a ball off of.  Stand a approximately 18″” from the wall.  Extend right arm up so you have only a slight elbow bend and are reaching almost as high as possible.  Dribble the ball off the wall.  Continue dribbling the ball with arm still extended moving to the right, then back up, then to the left (similar to how a clock arm moves).  Concentrate on using only your fingertips.

Variations: Repeat with left arm.  Repeat with two balls

Single finger dribble

Dribble as close to the ground as you can using only one finger.  Vary this by using different fingers or by using a different finger each dribble.  This will build strength in your fingers as well as improving coordination

Tennis ball off the board

Toss a tennis ball off of the backboard. Jump off of two feet to catch the tennis ball at your highest point. As soon as you catch it, while in the air toss it back off the backboard. Land with balance, and immediately re-jump up to catch the ball again and toss off of the backboard. You should never have the ball in your hands while in the air other than at the start of the drill Variation: Left hand, right hand, alternating hands.