Rebounding / Defense



Ultimate box-out

Place a ball in middle of half court circle. One player must keep the other player away from the ball by boxing out. The player boxing out may not leave the circle.


Power put backs

Two defenders stand between one offensive player and the basket. The offensive player tosses the ball off the backboard then jumps up to rebound it. The defenders allow him to do this, but then double team him in an attempt to stop him from scoring. On the flip side, once the offensive player rebounds the ball, he must try to score on the two defenders.




Defensive Gauntlet

3-5 offensive players are on the 3-point line, each has a ball. The defender closes-out on any player…from there the two players’ play 1-on-1. If the offense misses and defense gets the rebound, defense gets 1 point and the drill keeps going, with the defender picking another offensive player and closing-out (If the offensive player scores, the offensive player becomes the defender). The game is played for a set time.


Lane perimeter slides + finish

Starting at either block, slide across the lane along the baseline to the other block. Once you reach the other block, pivot (either front or rear) and slide down the lane to the elbow, at which point you will again pivot and slide across the foul line to the other elbow. Finally, pivot and slide down the other side of the lane to the block where you started. Once you reach this block sprint to the elbow opposite of you and receive a pass from a coach/player (you can also simply have a ball sitting there that you pick up). Catch the ball, make a move, score, then pass teh ball back to your coach (or place at the elbow), and repeat.