Agility / Conditioning

Slide, backpedal, score

One player stands on the sideline at foul line level in a defensive stance facing the baseline. The player slides from sideline to elbow, then back. Upon returning to the sideline the player will closeout on the other play, than begin to backpedal as fast as they can. As they begin this, a coach or another player throws a basketball (or tennis ball to any location on the court, and the player has to get to the ball and catch it in the air by any means necessary). At this point the player catches the ball and must try to score on the hoop that he started near. The player/coach who threw the ball will play defense.


Tennis ball circle – scoop – score

Starting at the other three point line, stand facing the opposite hoop. Beginning with one basketball and one tennis ball, roll the tennis ball out ahead of you and immediately begin sprinting after the tennis ball while dribbling. You should run past the ball, circle around it until you are behind it again, then scoop it up with the hand you are not dribbling with. Immediately after scooping the tennis ball up, you should go up for a lay-up (tennis ball in one hand, basketball in the other). The speed at which you roll the tennis ball determines how hard the drill is, play with it is very challenging to be able to scoop the ball and finish before getting to the basket.