Running the Fast Break: Turn a 3-on-1 into a 2-on-1

There are a number of different fast break scenarious you encounter as a player.  Today I am going to cover, what you shoul do on a 3-on-1 fastbreak.

I see too many players dribble straight down the middle of the court with players on either side of them filling the lanes.  This is exactly what you don’t want to do.  This actually makes it easier for a defender to guard all three players since the distance between each player is minimized.  What you want to do on a 3-on-1 is to actually change the scenarious into a 2-on-1. 

If a good ball handler already has the ball they should keep it, otherwise, there should be a very quick pass to someone with a good handle. Next, the ball handler should “dribble out” the weaker finisher of the other two players.  To “dribble out” a player, the ball handler simply dribbles twoard the weaker player’s side of the court.  The player being dribbled out, should let the ball handler pass them, and they should trail the ball handler by 10-15 feet.  The better finisher should take a nice wide angle on the side opposite the ball handler.  By creating this 2-on-1 it creates more space between the two offensive players, and forces the defender to make a decision.  If the defender comes at the ball handler early, they should flick a quick pass or lob to the finisher.  If they sit back, the ball handler should look to finish at the rim. 

It is also important for the ball-handler to change speeds and to not “telegraph” their intentions (i.e. don’t stare at the rim and go right up and finish and don’t stare right at the finisher and throw them an easy to intercept ball).  The key is to trick the defender.  They could dribble a few really hard dribbles like they are going to finish, then dump off an easy pass OR stand a bit straighter and hesitate like they are going to pass, then go up and finish.

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