LeBron James Moves Tutorial | LeBron’s go-to moves

LeBron James Moves Tutorial

Working on offensive moves in your basketball training is very important.  So where do you get those moves?  As far back as you go in basketball, players have been borrowing moves from other players.  It is normal to see what one person does on a court and use it if you see it works!  You can also see moves and think that move might be better if I did it this way or that way.  Michael Jordan stole moves Dr. J and Magic, Kobe stole moves from MJ and Hakeem, LeBron stole moves from Kobe and MJ, the list goes on and on.

Like we talked about in our how to do the eurostep post.  If you go back 10 years, barely anyone was doing the eurostep.  Now, everyone is doing it.  It is in the pros, NCAA, and even in high school and on playgrounds.

Today, we are going to go through three LeBron James moves (as you might have guessed from the “LeBron James Moves Tutorial” title…)  that you will frequently see jim use in games.  These moves are: no-dribble through the legs slow to quick, the dribble jab, and the slow turn and explode.  You can see breakdowns of each move in the video below:

Have you used any of these moves in game situations?  How did they work?  Are you using these in your basketball training? Leave comments below.

photo credit: KeithAllison

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