Layup Drills for Beginners – Make Your Layups!

layup drillsIn another post (Layups and Finishing) we went through the technique and fundamentals of making layups. So in this post, we wanted to make sure you or your child / team have the drills and ability to get good at making layups!

The general theory of getting good at layups is to work up to it. Think: crawl, walk, jog, run…

1. The first step is to learn the fundamentals. Head to the link at the beginning of this post.
2. Next, you want to develop the coordination to be able to consistently execute the skill. This means practicing that coordination and doing drills to reinforce it.
3. Last, you want to practice and drill your newly acquired skill to refine and perfect it. This can be done by using the layup drills in the video below, as well as an upcoming video breaking down a great layup series that can be used for every standard layup.

Here are the steps laid out in the video:

  • dummy the footwork and movement
  • do the movement without a dribble
  • do the movement with a dribble
  • do with 1-step
  • Mikans
  • 2 step – no dribble
  • 2 step – with a dribble
  • continue moving further back
  • revisit all drills to continue to improve the movement / skill

Leave questions below, and keep us posted on your progress!

photo credit: dionysisk

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