Kobe Bryant Moves – Kobes mid-range footwork

Kobe Bryant Moves

As we mentioned in our LeBron James moves tutorial, all basketball players borrow moves from other players. So this new breakdown of a few Kobe Bryant Moves should become a part of your basketball training!

Kobe Bryant’s footwork is legendary. As he has gotten older, he has refined his game into a ballet-like like series of pivots, moves, and steps. Kobe now relies much less on his athletic ability, but on his deceptive footwork. He is regularly able to fool defenders, create space, and score…sometimes without even dribbling. While Kobe’s moves may look smooth and complex, he actually relies on a series of very simple pivots and fakes.

This Kobe Bryant Moves tutorial will take you through a series of mid-range moves that Kobe often uses. The great thing about this series is these moves all build on each other. They serve as counters to the prior move. This means, if you get your defender with the first move, they will be waiting for that same move….BUT….you are just going to set them up for that, and use a counter move.

The series goes like this:
Regular two-step stop into a pull-up jump shot
regular two step, shot fake, reverse pivot, leaner
regular two step, shot fake, reverse pivot, fake, forward pivot, fadeaway
regular two step stop into a HIGH head fake, jump shot (or draw a foul)

The video below breaks down these Kobe Bryant moves in detail:

Have you used any of these moves in game situations? How did they work? Are you using these in your basketball training?

photo credit: keithallison

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