Easy ways to get more playing time

loose ball

Here are some simple ways you can get your coach’s attention and get more playing time.  If you aren’t doing all these things, don’t complain about how much time you get.

  1. Lock up your best teammate in practice everyday
  2. Get every rebound (box out every time)
  3. Dunk on someone (or get fouled and finish)
  4. Dive for loose balls
  5. Pressure the ball full court
  6. Be the most vocal guy on the court (not trash talk, communicating with teammates)
  7. Win every drill in practice
  8. Never cut corners (touch every line, finish every drill)
  9. Get good grades so there is never an academic issue
  10. Know all the offense and all set plays at every position (then you aren’t limited)
  11. Take charges
  12. Don’t’ turn the ball over
  13. Get deflections on defense
  14. Always be the first guy in the gym and the last one to leave
  15. Be a leader

photo credit: Gus Estrella

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