Dribble Moves

The cross-court drill series is meant to be performed going across the width of the court. You should perform the move approximately halfway across the court. You should focus on changing speeds before, after, and as you do the move. Be sure to completely control the ball and to balance the moves so you work equally (or more) on your weak hand than on your strong hand. – see the moves section of this site for more detailed instructions on to do each move.

Through the legs: Dribble through the legs. Variations include left to right (with left foot forward, right back), right to left (with right foot forward, left back), left to right (with right foot forward, left back), right to left (with left foot forward, right back).


Inside out dribble: Variations include right hand and left hand.


Crossover: Complete hard crossover. Variation include right to left and left to right.


Behind the back: Dribble behind the back. Variations include right to left and left to right.


Back dribble and crossover: At approximately halfway across the court plant foot firmly and explode backwards for two full dribbles (you should back-up as much as possible in these two dribbles), once you back-up two full dribbles perform crossover and explode forward. Variations include dribble with right hand, plant left foot, back-up, cross right to left & dribble with left hand, plant right foot, back-up, cross left to right.


Spin move: perform spin move. Variations include planting left foot and reverse pivoting (while dribbling with right hand) & planting right foot, reverse pivoting (while dribbling with left hand)


Hesitation: Perform hesitation move. Variation includes right and left hand

Fake spin: Variations include fake right spin left and fake left spin right

Walking through legs stand straight: Walk across court dribbling between legs with every step. Variations include putting ball through front of legs and through back of lefts.

Walking through legs full lunge: Walk similar to if you performing full lunges, put ball through legs with each long lunge.

Double move – through the legs: Perform double through the legs move. Variations include both directions


Double move – behind the back: Perform double behind the back move. Variations: start with different direction initial dribble


Double move – crossover: Perform double behind the back move. Variations: start with different direction initial dribble

Killer Cross – through legs plus crossover: Start in a partial squat bent at the knees and slightly at the hips with ball in right hand, dribble through the legs right to left, then as soon as left hand touches the ball do an explosive crossover in front of the body left to right. Variation: Start with left to right through the legs, ending with crossover right to left in front.

Advanced moves: Perform advanced moves halfway across court