Basketball and Leadership Part 2 – What Leaders Do

Basketball Leadership

In part two of our series on leadership (with a focus on basketball leadership specifically) we are going to go through some things that it is common to see from […]

Basketball and Leadership Part 1 – What is a Leader?

Basketball Leadership

What is a Leader?  What Traits / Characteristics Do Leaders Have? Basketball and all other sports love leaders.  We look at guys like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Chris Paul, Isiah […]

What do you play for? Wesley Matthews and his passion.

WOH - Wesley Matthews

This is an older article from the Portland Tribune by Kerry Eggers Trail Blazer executives Chad Buchanan and Joe Cronin were sitting in a hotel room in Las Vegas last […]

Basketball Nutrition – Sugar-free Steve Nash

WOH - Steve Nash

You can never overlook the impact of nutrition on the level of your play and on your basketball training. Steve Nash is one of the MANY players who realize that […]

Basketball Road Trip Reading – The Art of A Beautiful Game

Art of a Beautiful Game

In Chris Ballard’s, “The Art of a Beautiful Game” Chris attempts to take us past the articles we read in magazines or short blurbs we read in blogs.  The sub-title […]

What Kind of Teammate are You?

basketball teammates

Are you happy when someone else on your team has a big game or are you upset that you didn’t get as many points as you wanted? Do you do […]

Basketball Road Trip Reading – The Book of Basketball

the book of basketball - the secret

This week I wanted to share with all the WOH readers’ one of the most perfect books out there for reading on a basketball road trip, “The Book of Basketball” […]

Easy ways to get more playing time

loose ball

Here are some simple ways you can get your coach’s attention and get more playing time.  If you aren’t doing all these things, don’t complain about how much time you […]

Competition at Practice

basketball bench

If you spend time on this website then you know how important the team concept is. Think for a second about how you become a better basketball player…yes you put […]

What to do when you lose your dribble

stuck with no dribble

Stay calm once the dribble is picked up: I see a lot of younger, less experienced basketball players’ panic once they have picked up their dribble and the defender crowds […]