Basketball Training

The truth is, what most people consider basketball training falls far short.  Unfortunately, a lot of coaches don’t know what they are talking about, especially at the lower levels.  The coaches are just a parent of a kid on the team.  If you are lucky, maybe they were good in high school.  But in all likelihood, you aren’t getting good coaching (and parents – your kids are not getting good coaching).

For more advanced players.  I’m talking about strong High School players, or guys playing College hoops.  If you want to make it to the next level, and you want to be a truly ELITE player, you need the most cutting edge training available.  If you are doing what every other high school or college kid is doing, how are you ever going to get ahead.  Outside of a handful of the best Division I NCAA programs and a few of the best high schools in the nation, the skill and strength workouts handed out by coaches are dated, they don’t push players, and they are the same for everyone.

I created The World of Hoops to deliver reasonably priced basketball training to help basketball players (or parents/coaches helping their kids) improve their game.  We pride ourselves on our intelligent and intense basketball training.  We take a full-on approach making sure we cover EVERYTHING it takes to become a great basketball player: skills, strength, agility, explosiveness, mobility, injury prevention, rest, recovery, mental strength, confidence, and more!

Basketball training takes hard work and discipline, but the trick is to work smart.  I have spent about 25 years playing and coaching basketball and have spent countless hours researching, experimenting, testing, reading, talking to other coaches, and anything else you can think of…all in an effort to develop the best approach to training basketball players.  You can learn more about my story here on our “about” page.

I want to provide everyone with the best chance to succeed, so we make sure we have a number of different options:

Our Products

The products we have are superior to anything else you will find.  Our programs give you detailed instructions, and we provide an actual path to success.  A lot of products will just show you some fancy moves, or show you a bunch of drills, but our training programs give you the exact workouts you need to do (we also show you how to do the drills).   This means each day you will have a workout to do.  You aren’t going to have to do the same boring thing every day.  We keep things varied to keep you interested.

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Online Training

We can’t be everywhere (YET!), so for those outside of our training areas we offer a cutting-edge online training package.  You can find all the details here: online training.  But here is a summary of how it works.  We will send the athlete a set of tests to complete (basketball skill tests, and if requested basketball strength/agility/explosiveness tests).  Our WOH staff analysis those results, then we have a phone call or Skype session with the athlete (and parents if under 18).  We discuss those results; we talk about basketball experience, situation, goals, and a few other topics.   We then take all this information and create a completely customized workout program (basketball skill, and strength if requested), we give an in-depth breakdown and analysis of the player’s shot, and we provide any other necessary information (nutritional guidance, rest/recovery information, etc.).  This is probably the BEST and QUICKEST way for a player to go from bad to good, good to great, great to elite.


Free Resources

The paid options are great, but everyone loves free stuff!  Since you want free stuff, we provide free stuff!

The World of Hoops Blog – This is updated at least once a week with brand new content.  On the blog you will find: basketball training information, a tutorial to learn a new move or a new drill, motivational material, advice on how to improve your mental strength, leadership information, or anything else related to basketball.  This is one of the best places to learn about basketball on the Internet.

The World of Hoops YouTube Page – We have about 2,500 subscribers to our channel and that number is growing larger every day.  We have about 200 videos to teach our basketball training techniques.  You will find drills, go-to NBA player moves, shooting tutorials, and all kinds of other basketball related information.

The School of Hoops – This is a section within our site devoted exclusively to drills and skills.  Check out all of our information sorted by type of skill.

The World of Hoops Newsletter – Great information right into your inbox.  We will also send some special deals!

WOH Facebook – We update our Facebook page every other day with extremely valuable insights, links, videos, and more.  Everything on this page is geared toward making you a better player.

Here are some great places to start on your journey to becoming a better player:

How to Shoot a Basketball – Learn the correct shooting form (EVERYONE!)

Ball Handling Basics – Ball Handling 101 (for beginners)

Layups and Finishing – How to make layups (for beginners)

Healthy Ankles – Keep those ankles working (or fix them) – EVERYONE

Confidence Guide – How to be more confident

The Euro Step – How to do one of the most effective moves (intermediate to advanced)

LeBron’s go-to moves – 3 of LeBron’s go-to moves (intermediate to advanced