The Basketball Revolution

There is a revolution coming.  It’s time to change the way you think about training for basketball.  The days of boring, endless, repetitive drills are over.  The revolution depends on using extremely intelligent and extremely intense workouts.  

Forget all the myths you are used to.  
Forget the stupid vertical jump programs.  
Forget the fear of lifting because, “it will mess up your shot” or “you are afraid you will get bulky”.  Forget traditional conditioning exercises.  
Forget boring, repetitive drills.
Forget the fear of what others will think of your training methods.

The truth is, the way most people train, is why so many people end up with injuries.  This is why most players don’t peak at the end of the season (when they are supposed to).  I am 100% devoted to creating the best basketball players.  If you aren’t interested in doing the work, head to another site, or work with another coach.  I am looking for players who are ready to lead the revolution.

The revolution will not be your standard basketball workouts.  It will not include “routines”. It includes dynamic programming.  This is the training that creates the best players in the world.  Are you ready to join the revolution?

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About Joe Lucas

Joe Lucas is the founder of The World of Hoops. DSC_8916 He has 25 years of experience playing basketball, training basketball players, and coaching basketball. The World of Hoops provides intelligent and intense basketball training to take basketball players to the next level.

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