Basketball IQ – Two for One – Time and Score

Shot Clock - Two for One

If you are in a league with a shot clock, it’s important to be aware of the situation. As you get near the end of a quarter you would ideally like to maximize the number of your possessions before the end of the quarter. Using a college 35 second shot-clock as an example, imagine your team has the ball with 65 seconds to go…

Scenario 1:

Run your normal offense and take a shot at the end of the shot clock leaving the other team with 20 seconds

Scenario 2:

Run one of your “shot-clock” type plays and attempt a shot within 20 seconds. This should leave your team with one last possession with at least 10 seconds to go.

With scenario two the team gets 2 possessions rather than one. So be aware of time and situation…if you do it 4 times in one game that is 4 extra possessions and could be up to 12 extra points.

photo credit: gorbould

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