Attitude – Learning from Adversity

Abdul Gaddy was a highly touted prospect coming into his first season at the University of Washington.  In fact, the only point guard more highly regarded, according to, was John Wall.  However the freshman season was less than kind to Gaddy, averaging just 4 points per game and shooting 15% from the 3 point line.  But if you ask Gaddy about it he simply says he wouldn’t change a thing.  Abdul Gaddy could have sat back and continued to stew over not getting a chance to play at the end of games, or replay the missed shots in his head, but he chose not to.  Instead, the talented point-guard has taken it as a lesson, and intends on using the off-season to work out the flaws in his game that were exposed by a year in the Pac-10.  He is just going to get back to his basketball training, stay in school, and work toward his dream of playing in the NBA.

This type of mindset is crucial in the development of players.  If you want to be successful, you must be able to stay optimistic despite temporary set backs.  Take each challenge as just that…a challenge.  Can you overcome each challenge as it presents itself?  Or would you blame it on others and transfer to another school? 

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